Zero RH + Radius Team Sunglasses - $73.95

As we're sure you've realized, not all sunglasses are created equal. In fact, your poor lens-induced headaches have probably driven this point home more than our mere words. That's why its important to protect your eyes on either race day or during long base miles, whether it's cloudy or sunny. However, in cycling, the experience of being forced to weigh out the pros and cons of frame comfort versus UV protection adds an element of distress. Not so with the Zero RH + Radius Team Sunglasses. Now, you're able to match low weight, anatomic frame design with a power transmission index. No wonder Zero RH + are the sunglasses of choice for both Team Lampre and Saxo Tinkoff. Starting at the lenses, the Radius Team features the same Zero RH + hard lens that's found in the Gotha Team sunglasses. This lens comes in four color variants, all of which feature a mirrored finish that both effectively protects the retina and shields your eyes from your competitors' field of vision. Now, it's worth noting that every lens color in the Radius Team line features the same transmission index (TI). What's a transmission index' Essentially, it's the amount of light that's allowed to pass through the lens. These wavelengths are restricted in mainly two ways -- at the molecular level of the lens, and through the lens material itself. So, you'll find that the Blue, Red, and Yellow lenses of the Radius Team all feature a TI of 16%. And if you're looking comparatively with other brands, you'll see that the industry cycling standard hovers around 10 to 17%, placing these in the upper percentile of protection. As for the frames, themselves, you'll find the shape to be fairly comparable to the Gotha. In fact, it features the same Grilamid Titanium construction as the Gotha, and an almost identical decentralization of the lens. Additionally, in respect to the field of vision, special care was taken to minimize the amount of frame seen when tucked into the drops. - $73.95