Zero RH + Radius Performa Sunglasses - $93.95

The list of desires from a pair of cycling-specific sunglasses are numerous, but all are able to be summarized in one word -- comfort. Whether it be the frame's design or the level of light protection, every facet is directed towards the same objective. However, as we're sure that you know, some manufacturers deliver upon this principle better than others. This is why we occasionally find it helpful to see what the pros are riding, and in the case both Saxo Tinkoff and Team Lampre, Zero RH + provide the glasses of choice. And while you'll find these squads wearing the Gotha this summer, the Radius Performa Sunglasses provide a majority of the same features, only at a fraction of the price. Starting at the lenses, the Radius Performa features Zero RH +'s NXT Soft Photochromatic lenses. Now, we understand that this title reflects a dizzying amount of information, so we'll break it down for you. Starting with 'NXT Soft' portion of the title, this refers to both the lens' malleability and durability. As Zero RH + puts it, the lens is soft and flexible and also guaranteed 'unbreakable' for life. Accordingly, neither impact, chemical intrusion, or atmospheric elements will have any bearing on the life of these lenses. As for the 'photochromatic' this is simply an odd Italian translation of 'photochromic.' What does this mean' Well, this means that the lens is adaptable to different intensities of light. So, they'll dark under a strong UV index, and lighten under darker conditions. And if you're a bit of aficionado of eyewear, these lenses feature a transmission index of 43% to 18%. As for the frames, themselves, you'll find the shape to be fairly comparable to the Gotha. In fact, it features the same Grilamid Titanium construction as with the Gotha, and an almost identical decentralization of the lens. Additionally, in respect to the field of vision, special care was taken to minimize the amount of frame seen when tucked into the drops. - $93.95