Zero RH + Power Stretch Bib Short - Men's - $119.21

The folks at Zero RH+ don't look to anyone else's design for solutions to complicated problems with comfort in cycling apparel. They start from the beginning and work out their own solution. The Power Stretch Bib Short is a perfect example of this approach in action. The big story here is the graduated tension inserts. These appliques have variable tension to provide different levels of support to the primary muscle mass. This support reduces shock and vibration to reduce fatigue and speed recovery. The Power Stretch Bib Short is made with Zero RH+'s Firedry Gold 100 fabric. This moisture-wicking breathable fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during hot summer rides. Firedry is offered in four different weightsGold 100 being the lightest for exceptional breathability and moisture management. This four-way stretch material is lighter than traditional fabrics. It's moisture-wicking and breathable to keep you dry and comfortable in the harshest weather conditions. It's also abrasion- and wear-resistant, and provides exceptional aerodynamics. The Power Stretch Bib Bib Short comes with Zero RH+'s Uranus chamois. This hand-sewn pad provides shock-absorbing cushion to reduce fatigue and numbness over the course of the ride. The Dryskin's exceptional moisture management keeps you dry and comfortable when you most need to be. The gender-specific Uranus pad is made from high-density foam with a low compression coefficient that ensures effectiveness after hundreds of miles in the saddle. The bib portion of the Power Stretch Bib Short is made using a technique of preformed anatomic construction. This provides a comfortable, natural fit, especially in the crouched pedal position. The mesh braces force cooling air to pass through the bib to keep you cool and further speed sweat evaporation. Ultra-flat seams were used throughout to reduce chafing and irritation. - $119.21