Zero RH + Logo Shorts - $75.71

Whether your preference is for bib shorts or shorts, we're all chasing the same dream -- endless comfort. Lucky for you, comfort is the Italian Zero RH +'s forte. And for this very reason it created the Logo in both bib shorts and regular shorts. So, you're now able to choose one of Zero RH +'s most successful designs in a fit that works for you. The leg panels of the Logo shorts were constructed with the Firedry Gold fabric. Zero RH +'s Firedry is a system of materials made into four versions that are distinguished by different weights and stretch characteristics. As with all of the Firedry fabrics, the Gold is lightweight and breathes exceptionally well. It also incorporates highly-elastic fibers that support the body's muscles through a full range of motion. However, what sets the Gold iteration apart from the other variants is its super-soft feel against the skin and added stretch. The shorts' panels were joined together using a technique known as 'preformed anatomic construction.' This method of cutting the individual panels on a curve provides a comfortable, natural fit, especially in the crouched riding position. Zero RH + knows that this tucked-in fit requires special attention to areas prone to fabric bunching and pulling. It also rounded out the bottom hem with its proprietary 3.5cm leg microfiber/elastic leg grippers for a secure, non-binding fit. And because the overall comfort of a pair of shorts cannot exceed the quality of the chamois contained within, the Logo features the exclusive Uranus chamois. This hand-sewn insert features high-density foam that evenly distributes pressure as you move in the saddle. We also want to point out that Zero RH + constructs the Stretch Control Short on a curve. This ensures that the gender-specific Uranus conforms to the body's shape in a cycling position. The Zero RH + Logo Shorts are available in six sizes from Small to XXX-Large and in the colors Black, Black/white, and White/black. - $75.71