Zero RH + Gotha Performa Sunglasses - $103.95

Zero RH+ sunglasses have two things going for them that no other manufacturer can claim. Team Lampre and Team Saxo. You know if the pros from two of the top cycling teams trust their vision to Zero RH+ sunglasses, that you can, too. Gotha Performa Sunglasses offer either Zero RH+'s photochromic lens or its high-definition yellow lens. The former covers all light conditions, while the latter works best in flat or low light. All Gothas provide full physical protection as well as full UV protection.One thing that the brand Zero RH+ has come to embody, in our eyes, is quality. You can just feel it in a product like Gotha Performa Sunglasses. They're tight and well-made. You can feel how sturdy they are, despite their light weight. The Sportgrip TM rubber used on the nose and ear pieces is pliable and grippy. Despite the fact that it isn't adjustable, it's pliable enough that it felt comfortable to everyone who tried them on. During a ride they are comfortable and lightweight enough that you forget you have glasses on at all, and that non-slip rubber really does its job, even after the sweat starts flowing freely. The gray and copper photochromic lenses cover a solid spectrum of light conditions, so you could use either of these lenses as your go-to, everyday lens. Which you choose really comes down to color preference. The Yellow lens is non-photochromic and there fore stays high-contrast yellow all the time. we found this lens to work best in low or flat light conditions to really make terrain variations pop out. Zero RH+ Gotha Performa Sunglasses look best on folks with medium to large faces, they are available in Shiny White with Gray Photochromic Lens, Shiny Black with Copper Photochromic Lens, or Matte Black with Yellow Lens. - $103.95