Zero RH + Adapto Jacket - $75.50

In cycling, the weather often changes faster than the front of the peloton. And just as you would have to react quickly to a shift in the break, so must you as the rain starts to fall, or the road kicks skyward. Enter the Zero RH+ Adapto Jacket, a lightweight and stash-able solution for all 365 days of weather. Starting at the front of the body, Zero RH+ used the ultralight Airdry Gold 150 fabric for its construction. As you might expect from its name, this material is completely windproof, and accordingly, it staves off the main source of winter chills -- headwind. As for the second principle of this fabric, the dry, Airdry Gold 150 uses a three-layer, open knit construction that maintains a high-level of breathability. Essentially, the fabric creates an internal micro climate that is unique to you. So, during intense aerobic exercise, the material allows excess heat to escape from the insulation layer. And not only does this keep your temperature well regulated, it also decreases moisture accumulation as well. In summary, the Adapto is difficult to penetrate, but breathes well. For added breathability, the rear and side panels of the jacket have been constructed from the IceDry fabric. This material is highly insulating, stretchable, and soft -- all qualities that enhance the jacket's impeccable fit. And on that note, this is where Zero RH+ really shines. The body of the jacket has been pre-shaped on an anatomic form. This means that the cut has been coordinated to the predictability of your body's movements. So, when you move, the jacket moves with you, not against your skin. And to further ensure this, the Adapto jacket features stretch panels at heavy points of articulation. Securing the fit while you're in and out of the saddle are Zero RH+'s proprietary grippers at the front and rear hem. Now, even through the sea of translation, it's obvious that the jacket is 'adaptable. - $75.50