Zensah Compression Socks - $34.93

The Zensah Compression Socks encourage oxygen blood flow to energize your legs pre-workout, enhance athletic performance during workouts, and aid in recovery post workout. Compression Socks are ideal for runners, cyclists and triathletes, and anyone else who is on their feet. Gradient compression provides wide ribbing in the front for shin support and tight ribbing in the back for calf support; pinpoint compression targets muscle support. Padded arch support allows your legs to last longer and seamless construction ensures superior comfort. Compression Socks enhance oxygen flow to muscles, helping athletes achieve more in training. Runners traveling to marathons, cyclists traveling to races and other athletes traveling to compete can wear them on the plane to reduce edema and prevent ankle swelling. Compression Socks also help regulate skin temperature; stay cooler in hot temperatures and comfortable in cold weather. No matter where your travels take you or for what activity, Zensah Compression Socks let you arrive feeling energized and ready to perform at your best. *Discount will be applied when you check out. Offer not valid for sale-price items ending in $._3 or $._9. - $34.93