Atlas Mike's Zeke's Sierra Gold Trout Bait - $3.29

Put Atlas Mikes Zekes Sierra Gold Trout Bait on your hook, cast it out and hang on. Bait slowly releases potent scent and flavor attractants into the water to draw trout in from great distances. Made using a special combination of scents, vibrant colors and amino acids, it molds easily onto your hook and resists being cast off or washed away. Per jar. Colors: (002)Pink, (003)Corn/Creme, (004)Yellow, (005)Chartreuse, (006)Rainbow, (009)Salmon Peach, (016)Garlic Red, (018)Garlic/Spring Green, (051)Garlic Yellow, (904)Garlic/Rainbow. Color: Gold. Type: Dough Bait. - $3.29