Zeiss Victory RF Rangefinder 10x45 Binoculars - $2,099.99

Never again will you have to dig in your pockets for your rangefinder and fumble with switching back and forth while glassing. The new ZEISS Victory RF Rangefinder 10x45 Binoculars encompasses years of engineering to create the ultimate rangefinding, ballistic information binocular. To give it unmatched versatility, you can use the rangefinder button to easy acquire your targets range or activate the Ballistic Information System (BIS) to show the holdover value shortly after the distance is shown. Customize it to your specs with the set button by matching your loads trajectory. The 45mm objectives offer a 15% brighter view and provide crystal-clear vision in any light. And when the conditions worsen and your equipment takes a beating, the LotuTec lens coatings cause water to roll right off and dirt and grime wipe off with ease. When ranging, the self-illuminating LED display appears in the center of the field of view. Also, it automatically adjusts to the brightness of the surroundings, allowing you to read targets against the toughest backgrounds and in any type of light condition. They have strength and durability without the weight through the magnesium body and tough rubber armor that absorbs shock and noise. Waterproof, fogproof and dustproof features make these binoculars suitable for any extreme condition. Type: Rangefinder Binoculars. - $2,099.99