Zeal Z3 GPS Recon Snow Goggles - $450.00

The Zeal Z3 GPS Recon snow goggles feature Recon MOD GPS data for real-time run info, plus an adaptive polarized and photochromic lens for excellent vision on the slopes. Recon MOD GPS technology displays navigation and performance-based information within the goggles in real time. Speed, distance, altitude, vertical odometer, chronometer, time, temperature, run counter, jump stats, and location information is readily available to track, download and log. Non-obtrusive graphics allow complete front and peripheral vision; easy-to-use interface toggles through screens. Internal screen is wide and easy to read; screen can be adjusted to optimize viewing preferences. Wireless remote controls display and mounts on goggles strap. Lightweight, pliable and strong frame ensures comfort during long days on the hill; vents bring cool outside air in and move warm, moist air out, reducing fogging. Antifog lens treatment is infused into the inner lens so it will never rub off. Triple-density foam molds to your face for a secure fit and wicks away uncomfortable moisture. Polarization cuts out glare to help reduce eye fatigue; spherical lens shape offers a broad field of vision and excellent optical quality. Photochromic lens changes from yellow to dark rose/brown tint per available light, offering 18 - 43% visible light transmission for versatility in nearly all light conditions. Includes a microfiber cleaning bag. Please note the Zeal Z3 GPS Recon snow goggles includes Recon Instruments MOD technology; MOD Live is not included. Zeal Z3 GPS Recon polarized and photochromic snow goggles are designed to fit medium-sized faces. - $450.00