Zeal Transcend SPX GPS Polarized Snow Goggles - $216.83

Perfect for tracking your progress, the Zeal Transcend SPX GPS polarized snow goggles provides real-time information on a heads-up display right in front of your eyes. GPS-enabled goggles display navigation, communication and performance-based information inside the goggle itself. Speed, temperature, timer and location information is readily available to track, download and log. Non-obtrusive graphics allow complete front and peripheral vision, and an easy-to-use interface toggles through screens. Lightweight, pliable and strong frames provide all-day comfort during long days on the hill. Passive Airflow System ventilation brings cool outside air in and moves warm, moist air out, reducing the likelihood of fogging. No Fog lens treatment is infused into the inner lens so it will never rub off. Triple-density foam molds to your face for a secure fit and wicks away uncomfortable moisture. Spherical lens offers a broad field of view and excellent optical quality. Polarized Rose lens cuts out horizontal glare so you can quickly navigate your way down the slopes; allows 13% visible light transmission. Polarized Rose lens works well in bright conditions. Includes a microfiber cleaning bag. Zeal Transcend SPX GPS polarized snow goggles fit large faces. - $216.83