Zeal Slate Photochromic Snow Goggles - $249.00

Zeal Slate photochromic snow goggles adapt to changing light and offer premium peripheral clarity for excellent all-around performance on the snow. Lightweight, pliable and strong frames provide all-day comfort; area around the nose bridge has been shaped to optimize comfort and fit. Ventilation system brings cool outside air in and moves warm, moist air out, reducing the likelihood of fogging. Antifog lens treatment is infused into the inner lens so it will never rub off. Triple-density foam molds to your face for a secure fit and wicks away uncomfortable moisture. Spherical lens shape offers a broad field of vision and excellent optical quality. Rose-tinted photochromic lens changes tint darkness depending on available light, offering 58 - 75% visible light transmission for versatility in nearly all light conditions. Includes a microfiber cleaning bag; additional lenses are available but not included. Zeal Slate photochromic snow goggles are sized to fit medium and large faces. - $249.00