Z-Man Zinkerz - Black/Blue - $4.19

An incredibly versatile soft bait featuring ElaZtech construction that makes it up to 10 times stronger than conventional soft baits. It sinks slowly when fished without weight and is salt-impregnated to make striking fish hang on longer, resulting in a higher hookup percentage. Rig it straight-, Texas-, Carolina-, Wacky- or drop-shot style. Per 6. Size: 5. Colors: (016)Watermelon, (018)Watermelon Red, (047)Green Pumpkin/Orange, (048)Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (064)Black/Blue/Blue, (084)Pearl, (092)Watermelon Candy,(097)Green Pumpkin/Red, (101)Bama Craw,(103)Dirt,(109)Coppertreuse,(238)PBJ, (268)Califormia Craw,(296)Bama Bug, (298)Sprayed Grass,(310)Canada Craw, (316)Green Pumpkin, (320)The Deal. Color: Black/Blue. Type: Stick Baits. - $4.19