Z-Man Scented PaddlerZ - Natural - $4.49

Boasting a segmented body and a thin paddle tail, the PaddlerZ can be fished in multiple presentations and is especially effective for slow rolling on a weighted, weedless hook. Incredibly lifelike and infused with 100% natural scents to entice strikes from aggressive saltwater game fish. ElaZtech construction up to 10 times more durable than conventional soft baits. Self-impregnated to make striking fish hang on longer, resulting in a higher hookup percentage. Per 5. Sizes: 4, 5. Colors: (057)Smokey Shad, (084)Pearl, (259)Bad Shad, (261)New Penny, (267)Houdini. Color: Natural. Type: Unrigged Plastic Swimbaits. - $4.49