YUM Yumbrella Flash Mob - Tennesse Shad - $21.99

More flash and vibration will attract more fish and this lure will create a carnivore-captivating commotion even lethargic predators wont be able to resist. Five heat-treated stainless steel wires, five snap swivels and four counter-rotating No.4 willow-leaf blades spread out from a head that sports a Tennessee shad color scheme. YUMs Bait School Technology creates the illusion of a school of baitfish swimming in close formation, inviting even tight-mouthed fish to take advantage of an easy meal. Attach anywhere from one to five baits or lures (check local regulations for legality) and let the attention-getting Flash Mob help you land more fish. Color: Tennesse Shad. Color: Tennesse Shad. - $21.99