Yum F2 Shakalicious Worm - $1.88

With a ring of short, undulating tentacles at the head and a slender, tapered body that moves with the slightest twitch, this soft bait is deadly in any finesse fishing situation. Its ringed body displaces more water to get the attention of hungry fish. Now infused with YUM's Ferocity Squared (F2) attractant. F2 is a concentrated natural formula that has been clinically tested under strict conditions. Results show that F2 is preferred by bass by a margin of more than 30 over other attractants. What's more, F2 can be infused into soft plastics of any shape with lasting effectiveness and no need to "refresh" with more scent every few casts. F2-infused lures also don't dry up left out of their package, but maintain their supple swimability. Per 8.Size: 5".Colors: (002)Watermelon Red, (004)Junebug, (008)Green Pumpkin, (009)Watermelon Seed, (020)Smoke Red Pepper, (041)Red Bug, (142)Mardi Gras, (153)Bama Bug. - $1.88