YUM F2 Ribbontail Worm - BLACK NEON (7 1/2") - $2.88

Attract. Enrage. Engage. F2 Ferocity Squared has taken over the top spot in bass attractants. Its documented. Mississippi State University tested F2s highly concentrated formula under the strictest scientific conditions, proving bass prefer it by 30% over the leading attractant. Additional advantages include being able to infuse it into traditional soft plastics of any shape, long-lasting effectiveness and continuous scent dispersal. Unlike other attractant-injected baits, they retain their suppleness and swimability and wont dry into hard, wrinkled, useless shrivels when left out of their packages. No tackle box would be complete without a few packages of the classic Ribbontail Worm. This easy-to-rig offering is great for just about any presentation.Sizes: 6- Per 15, 7-1/2 - Per 15, 10 - Per 10.Colors: (001)Black Neon, (003)Tequilla Sunrise, (009)Watermelon Seed, (013)Red Shad, (021)Black Blue Flake (not shown). Type: Worms. Size 7 1/2". Color Black Neon. - $2.88