Yum F2 Lil' Suzee - $3.88

The YUM Lil SuzEE is designed with influence from one of the best anglers in the world, B.A.S.S. Elite Pro Edwin Evers (thus, the EE). This swimbait has the versatility to work in grass, wood cover, and pitches easily deep under docks and overhangs. The knobbed tail swims effortlessly, making it perfect for umbrella-type rigs. Per 8.Size: 4-3/4.Colors: (002)Watermelon Flek, (008)Green Pumpkin, (009)Watermelon Shad, (020)Smoke Red Pearl, (074)Watermelon Pearl, (075)Smoke Pearl, (083)Pearl White, (164)Tenkiller. - $3.88