YUM F2 Dinger - Black - $2.88

The slow, subtle action of a soft-plastic stick bait with a wormlike texture fish will hang onto. Whats more, its now infused with YUMs Ferocity Squared (F2) attractant. F2 is a concentrated natural formula that has been clinically tested under strict conditions. Results show that F2 is preferred by bass by a margin of more than 30% over other attractants. F2 can be infused into soft plastics of any shape with lasting effectiveness and no need to refresh with more scent every few casts. F2-infused lures also dont dry up if left out of their package, but maintain their supple swimability. Per 12. Sizes: 4, 5. Colors: (002)Watermelon Red Flake, (008)Green Pumpkin, (009)Watermelon Seed, (021)Black/Blue Flake, (029)Carolina Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (059)Green Pumpkin/Chartreuse, (074)Watermelon Pearl Laminate, (148)Cajun Neon, (152)Melon Pie, (153)Bama Bug, (154)Bama Magic, (156)Bream. Color: Black. - $2.88