Yum Dancin' Eel - $2.88

YUM is made with exclusive Live Prey Technology which simulates the release of live-baitfish enzymes. YUM creates a feeding frenzy in anything that swims. Unlike other soft plastics that just imitate those substances found in baitfish, YUM plastics give a replication of the scents and flavors present in prey when they're panicked or struggling. Plus, it masks other smells not associated with baitfish or live bait.What do you get when you combine a crankbait's wobble with the irresistible free motion of a soft plastic tail You get the Dancin' Eel, a bait that comes alive with lunker-luring motion every time you turn the reel handle or move the rod tip. The forward lip produces side-to-side wiggles that are amplified by the free-swimming tail. Per each.Size: 6". Colors: (900)Rainbow Trout, (912)Dancin' Shad, (914)Chartreuse Shad, (915)Tadpole, (916)Rayburn Red, (917)Royal Shad, (927)Foxy Shad. - $2.88