Yozuri Sashimi Bonita - Orange - $54.99

If youve used a Yo-Zuri lure before, you know that quality and performance are standard. No different for the Bonita, a heavy-duty saltwater lure designed for wahoo, yellowfin tuna and other big game fish. Almost indestructible powerbody with Sashimi ribs generates a strong, turbulent water flow. Perfectly balanced natural swimming action and the patented external Yo-Zuri sound system provide a wave motion vibration. Rig it with a ball-bearing swivel and super sharp corrosion-resistant saltwater hooks. The color-changing technology available in the Sashimi series represents one of the most innovative new technologies in years. They are the only lures that can actually change color. Yo-Zuri engineers studied baitfish from all over the world to develop the most realistic color schemes. Per each. Sizes: 6-3/4, 4-5/8 oz.; pulls at 12 to 15 knots. 8-3/8, 10 oz.; pulls at 15 to 17 knots. Colors: (001)Chameleon Wahoo, (002)Chameleon Orange/Black, (003)Chameleon Flying Fish. Color: Orange. Type: Crankbaits. - $54.99