Yo-Zuri Sashimi 3D Popper - Purple - $13.88

Rip this floating lure across the water and its loud popping, water-pushing havoc makes it an easy target for predators. Its brilliant finish, etched lateral line and huge 3-D eyes attract even more attention. Durable ABS body with through-wire construction boasts a reflective ultraviolet attack point and through-the-body wire construction. The color-changing technology available in the Sashimi series represents one of the most innovative new technologies in years. They are the only lures that can actually change color. The process is the result of years of development. Yo-Zuri engineers studied baitfish from all over the world to develop the most realistic color schemes. Baitfish change color to try and blend into their environment. They also change color due to stress, making them stand out in the school. These are the ones that game fish key in on as an easy meal. The color-changing Sashimi lures mimic this color-changing behavior of prey fish to commit predatory game fish to the strike. Size: 3-1/2, 7/8 oz. Colors: (012)Bunker, (367)Dorado, (374)Flying Fish, (817)Purple Mackerel. Color: Purple. - $13.88