Yo-Zuri 3DS Minnow - HOLO BL CLR MINNOW - $7.88

3-D body technology, rolling swimming action and lifelike color patterns make the 3DS Minnow an inshore game-fish killer. Retrieves at an approximate depth of 3 ft. Comes pre-rigged with premium treble hooks. Designed for saltwater, but also effective on freshwater species. Per each.Size: 2-3/4, 1/4 oz.Colors: (004)Holo Pearl/Blue, (025)Green Silver, (026)Luminous Aurora Chartreuse, (027)Holo Peanut Bunker, (028)Holo Sardine, (056)Holo Gold/Black, (131)Holo Blue/Clear. Type: Saltwater Hard Baits. Color Holo Bl Clr Minnow. - $7.88