Yo-Zuri 3D Shrimp - Chartreuse - $7.88

Its slow-sinking action and a few sharp tugs easily replicate the darting action of a real shrimp. 3-D technology makes it even more irresistible. Sizes: 2-3/4, 1/4 oz.; 3-1/2, 7/16 oz. Colors: (132)Holo Olive (not shown), (919)Holo Smoke Red Flake, (920)Holo Red Head, (921)New penny Gold, (933)Holo UV Chartreuse Purple, (940)Holo Ghost Shrimp, (964)Holo Hot Pink, (988)Holo Ultraviolet Root Beer, (989)Holo Red, (990)Holo Spotted, (991)Holo Tiger, (995)Luminescent Aurora Chartreuse. Color: Chartreuse. - $7.88