Yo-Zuri 3-D Jointed Crystal Minnow Shallow - Black - $12.88

A wide, belly-out swimming action not only entices fish but presents the belly as the strike point, increasing your hookset and landing percentages. The lips unique triangle design allows the lure to be fished slowly, while preserving the irresistible wobbling motion. A tough, floating ABS body stands up to years of abuse, and its highly reflective crystal color attracts fish from long distances. The balanced weight insert increases the lures motion, and is colored to mimic a wounded baitfish. Size: 5-1/4, 3/4 oz. Colors:(007)Holo Mullet, (021)Holo Hot Tiger, (070)Holo Gold Black, (091)Holo Sardine, (100)Holo Rainbow Trout, (124)Holo Silver Blue, (131)Holo Silver Black, (514)Holo Ghost Shad. Color: Black. - $12.88