Yeti Cycles SB-66 Pro XTR Bike - $4,649.00

Dripping in steamy suspension technology and top-of-line componentry, the SB66 Pro XTR Mountain Bike begs to be ridden hard and long. Packing a game-changing eccentric lower pivot, the SB66 climbs with hardtail proficiency and descends with the accuracy and stability of gravity-fueled rigswithout the sluggishness. Step up to the quick-handling and tossable SB66 and satisfy your primal urge.Switch Technology uses an eccentric mechanism that continuously adjusts the lower pivot position for the perfect balance of pedaling efficiency and plushness A rearward axle path at the beginning of the stroke lets the wheel roll over small bumps while maintaining a firm platform At 100 millimeters into the travel, the link rotates in the opposite direction for a responsive midstroke, and finally to the end position where the suspension is independent of chain forces to avoid any feedback or spikes The compact link assembly is located inside a single forged housing and connected to a stiff rear end via oversized pins to provide wallow-free, pinpoint handling Kashima-coated Fox 32 with thru-axle and Float RP23 offer a wide range of adjustments for optimum control and performance in varying conditions 2x10 Shimano Dyna-Sys XTR drivetrain offers ultra-fast and super-precise shifting between power-optimizing gear ratios Shimano XTR Trail brakes with an oversized front rotor haul the SB66 down from speed with ease and traction-optimizing modulation US Yeti dealers are prohibited from shipping Yeti bicycles to any country other than Canada, Mexico or the US. - $4,649.00