Yeti Cycles SB-66 Carbon Race 34 Complete Bike - $5,600.00

We've witnessed the All-Mountain sect grow significantly over the years. This, however, resulted in designers having to choose between either an XC-focused, 32mm-stanchion fork or freeride-intended 36mm. Fox Racing Shox has thankfully filled that gap with its line of 34mm forks, like the one mated to this trail devouring Yeti SB-66 Carbon Race 34 Complete Bike. The six-inch travel Yeti SB-66 C expands on the quickly building reputation of Yeti'''s Switch Technology suspension by adorning it with a weight-dropping and stiffness-enhancing carbon chassis. In fact, the hand-laid high modulus carbon front and rear triangles knock a whopping pound and a half off its aluminum counterpart -- and that'''s without sacrificing anything to the stiffness department. That'''s right; you'''re looking at a trail bike with a six pound (2.72kg), six-inch travel frame. This is the first Yeti SB (Super Bike) series frame to feature collet-type pivot hardware, which ensures the correct bearing preload while protecting the structural integrity of the carbon fiber. Enduro Max angular contact bearings fill the bores and offer ultra-tight, flex-free tolerances while easily managing side loads that would send conventional cartridge bearings straight to the dump. The heart of the SB line lies in the suspension design. Unlike multi-link systems, which require linkages packed in between the main triangle and rear triangle, Yeti'''s Switch Technology features an eccentric mechanism buried low in the frame -- enabling super-short chain stays and a low center of gravity for lively handling. This compact eccentric continuously adjusts the lower pivot position for a rearward, small-bump-damping axle path while maintaining a firm, pedal-friendly platform. Towards the end of the suspension'''s travel, the eccentric rotates in the opposite direction for a responsive mid-stroke, and finally to the end position where the suspension becomes progressively stiffer to provide big hit absorption. - $5,600.00