Yeti Cycles Colorado Flag Ride Jersey - Women's - $29.95

As a mountain biker, it's easy to feel smug, knowing that your roadie buddies could never get away with riding in casual clothes. The Colorado Flag Ride Jersey is built for riding, but designed to look casual. So, you can wear it whether you're riding or just hanging around. Either way, that logo makes quite a statement. The Colorado Flag Ride jersey is made with a moisture-wicking polyester blend that pulls sweat away from your skin to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates quickly. The loose fit allows air to flow through the shirt while you ride to cool you off. The Colorado Flag Ride jersey was designed to look like a T-shirt. The loose casual fit is right at home just about anywhere, so you can wear the Side Logo anywhere you'd like. The Yeti Colorado Flag Ride Jersey comes in four sizes: Small through X-Large. It's available in Blue. - $29.95