Yakima Viper Bike Mount - $97.99

The Yakima Viper Bike Rack's ergonomic skewer can be adjusted and tightened down with one hand, so you can hold your bike in place with your other hand. That means you never need to ask a friend to help you load up or try to magically levitate your bike through the power of telekinesis. Features of the Yakima Viper Bike Mount The most bang for your buck in the top of car bike world) Simple tool-free installation and removal of the bike mount from your car roof rack) Skewer design allows one-handed adjustment) Streamlined tray compatible with most disc brakes) Doesn't touch the painted surfaces of your bike) Fits round or squAre crossbars) Lockable skewer keeps your bike safe and sound (SKS Lock Cores sold separately) 1 Bike up to 35 lb. Min of 16in. crossbar spread Minimum and maximum crossbar spreads: 16in. - 42in. - $97.99