Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Compact Rack - $209.00

The Yakima Outdoormans 300 Rack System allows you to create a top of car system on your pickup truck without a camper shell, leaving your truck bed free to carry other stuff. Like 100 cases of beer. Or 50 pounds of floral potpourri, depending on who wears the pants in your family. Features of the Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Compact Rack This easily-installed truck rack system clamps onto truck bed rails without any drilling Best for compact truck beds. If you need a truck rack system for a full size truck, see the Outdoorsman 300 Full Size Sold in 1/2 sets - single sets combine with towers on truck roof, or full set stands alone Takes the whole gamut of Yak accessories, for full multi-sport compatibility Combines with round bars (sold separately) to perfectly match truck width Heavy-duty construction handles up to 300 lbs - $209.00