Yakima King Joe 2 Bike Rack - $121.50

Of all Yakima's strap-mount racks, the King Joes fit more vehicle trunks than any other, and the King Joe 2 is one of the sturdiest. This rear-mount rack rules his bicycle subjects with a six-strap system. Not only does King Joe 2 fit a vast array of trunks (including those with spoilers), he carries a wide variety of bikes. The Quick Trigger Hub System makes installing this two-bike rack a snap. Strap in a pair of bikes and you're good to go. King Joe 2's padded feet protect your car's paint, and his narrow folding arms make him easy to retire to his royal chamber. *If you're not sure the King Joe 2 will fit your car or bike, feel free to call one of our knowledgeable gearheads. - $121.50