Yakima Bowdown Kayak Rack - $209.00

This top-of-car mount folds down when it's not in use for better aerodynamics, and gives you easier access to the garage. Thanks to the integrated boat ramp, it's painless to load, too. The ginormous knob is easy to twiddle, even if you've got butterfingers. And top-of-the-line HullGuard padding Uses EVA foam for improved boat protection. So everybody please bow down to the supreme glory of the BowDown. Features of the Yakima Bowdown Kayak Rack Tool-free installation Fits Yakima round, squAre, factory, and aerodynamic bars Supports one boat up to 80 lbs Minimum crossbar spreads of 24in. or more Steel Core construction Uses a steel tube frame for superior strength Top-of-the-line Hullguard padding keeps your boat looking brand new Integrated ramp system makes it painless to load your boat Folds down when it's not in use for better aerodynamics and easier access to your garage The rooftop kayak mount Oversized knobs for easier twiddling with wet hands Locks to crossbar with SKS locking system (Lock Cores sold separately) Includes heavy-duty straps and bow/stern tie-downs Integrated bottle opener Fits car rack systems with round, squAre and most factory crossbars out of the box Carries one boat on its side, on the top of the vehicle Folds down flat when not in use Padded with hull guard pads to prevent boat damage Fits round, squAre, and factory crossbars out of the box (Fitlist on carton) Heavy duty straps included - $209.00