Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount - $25.00

The Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount is a rugged bike rack that can mount onto a truck, RV, boat or practically any solid, flat surface with access to the underside. This Yakima bike rack is constructed with tough, corrosion-resistant anodized black aluminum, Features soft padding to protect a bikes paint job, and can hold a single bike. If you have more than one bike to store, it probably makes sense to buy more. So if a Yakima hitch rack isn't in the cards, you can still travel with your favorite kick ass bike using the BlockHead bike mount. Features of the Yakima BlockHead Bike Mount A in. Bolt anywherein. fork style bike mount Locking single-sided adjustment skewer with long throw for easy bike loading SKS Lock Core included Each Block Head truck bed rack system secures one bike Mounts on trucks, RVs, boats or alien spacecraft 9mm long throw skewer Soft padding to protect your paint job Corrosion-resistant anodized black aluminum - $25.00