XCEL Hawaii 5/4 Hooded Drylock Wetsuit - Men's - $440.96

Maybe you crush waves off the coast of Maine, or maybe you just enjoy the freezing blast of cold-weather surfing; either way, the XCEL Hawaii Men's 5/4 Hooded Drylock Wetsuit is your ticket to riding in chilly water. XCEL went to great lengths to glue, blindstitch, fuse, and tape the seams in this thick suit, and to use overlapping flaps at the front entry, the wrists, and the ankles. An array of technologies give every layer of neoprene a unique advantage, from wind-resistance on the outside to the bamboo-charcoal fibers and warm-air retaining lining on the inside. This suit has stretch too, and lots of it. This is XCEL's most flexible and lightest-weight combination of neoprene, so you should never feel held back when you're squatting in a barrel or paddling for the next set. And smartly, XCEL built one of its best hoods into this suit to give you ample coverage from chin, to neck, to brow. All you need now is a pair of gloves, some booties, a board, and a little bit of faith that the buoys weren't lying. - $440.96