Xcalibur One Knocker Rattle Bait - $1.88

The single large weight presents a new sound to fish with a rhythmic knock instead of multiple BBs rattling. Per each. Available:XRK25 2-1/4, 1/4 oz. XRK50 2-1/2, 5/8 oz. XRK75 3, 3/4 oz. XRK100 3-1/2, 1 oz. Colors: (028)Royal Red, (032)Wounded Chartreuse Bream, (033)Wounded Red Crawdad, (046)Toledo Gold, (505)Pearl Melon, (519)Oxbow, (520)Lemon Lime, (538)Tilapia, (542)Blue Shiner, (543)Citrus Shade, (545)Crawdad. - $1.88