Seaguar X50 Fluorocarbon Line - Clear (500 YD) - $8.88

High-performance X50 technology offers the near-invisibility of fluorocarbon, with the premium softness, castability and sensitivity you expect from monofilament and braid. Its low-stretch, nonabsorbent 100% pure PVDF extruded formula offers a supple feel for long-distance casting, ultrastrong knots, fast sinking and far more sensitivity than monofilament. Its made in the top Japanese extrusion facility and engineered with X50 technology, which creates fluorocarbon with a rugged, abrasion-resistant shell over a shock-absorbing core for break-preventing durability. It resists wear due to UV rays, chemicals and temperature extremes. Ideal as a main line or as leader material. Field-tested for freshwater and saltwater duty. Color: Clear. Lb. Test Dia. (in.) Size (yds.) 4 0.007 250, 500 6 0.008 250, 500 8 0.009 250, 500 - $8.88