X-Calibur Alton Jones Xcs100 Series - Chartreuse - $5.88

Endorsed by professional angler Alton Jones, this crankbait targets skittish bass feeding in shallow, clear water. The paddle-lip design gives this bait a half-roll wobble that bounces off cover to call out the big ones. Tx3 in-line hooks ride up against the body to reduce snagging. Sizes and colors specifically designed for the techniques used by Alton Jones. Dives to 3 ft. Per each. Size: 2, 1/2 oz. #4 hooks. Colors:(019)Oxbow, (021)Rayburn Red, (024)Black Chartreuse, (035)Foxy Shad, (043)Citrus Shad, (044)Foxy Lady, (045)Crawdad, (058)Firetiger, (059)Tennessee Special, (060)Smallmouth Green. Color: Chartreuse. - $5.88