WTB Stryker TCS Cross Country Race 26in Wheels - $219.97

The WTB Stryker TCS Cross Country Race Wheel isn't just lightit's light AND strong. Strong enough to lead Mark Weir to a first place finish at the Downieville Classic Downhillon XC wheels! WTB's Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) comes standard on the Strykers, with pre-installed rim tape and valve stemjust add air and sealant. The Stryker TCS also uses WTB's Global Bead System which utilizes deeper grooves for the bead seat as well as two raised lips that lock the tires bead in place, because a good seal can mean the difference between fun and frustration.I-Beam technology adds a vertical beam designed to counter spoke loads and provide torsional rigidity for a stiffer overall wheel 4D rim drilling provides a perfect interface between the rim and spoke, eliminating the need for eyelets Rear hub features a machined shell, 6-double-sided pawls and stainless steel cartridge bearings for seamless operation - $219.97