WTB Dual Compound Grip - $10.00

Which is better, hard or soft grips' What will give you the most miles without fatigue or the best grip for tricky moves on the trail' Do you ride with gloves or not' There lies the debate. There are a lot of different handlebar grips on the market, but few better than this staple. The WTB Dual Compound Grip is our go-to grip for our custom bike builds. It is firmly on the soft end of the squish spectrum, with the outer portion being made of a durable, firm gel that offers up a comfy cushion. It has raised diamond shaped knobs set close enough together that it can be used gloved or not with no detriment to the bare handed rider. The WTB logo knobs are a bit thicker in the middle of the grip than at the edges, lending the Dual Compound Grip a slight ergonomic shape that comfortably fits in the palm. The Kraton base layer is sticky enough to resist unwanted twisting once the grip is installed properly. Black/Grey. - $10.00