WTB Devo Carbon Saddle - $108.00

This is not a saddle. This is Devo. WTB's under-butt offering for racing is moderately wide side to side (140mm) and relatively short front to rear (255mm). It looks unlike anything else in its category. At first, it seems like a downhill saddle -- and twice-over world DH champ Fabian Barel uses it -- but a close inspection and a squeeze indicates that it's right for all kinds of racing. That's because the shell is a carbon composite that is firm but flexes just enough. That flex is combined with light titanium rails, Superlight DNA padding which is thin, light, and dense. Just a little plush for the tush. The WTB Devo Carbon saddle is wrapped in luscious leather, with the increasingly-standard anti numbness channel down the middle. 190g. - $108.00