WTB Deva SLT Saddle - Women's - $115.50

We don't like the name of this WTB saddle. When we read Deva, we hear 'Diva' which could be the most cliche term ever. Not WTB's intent, but that's what we hear. While women have been known to love this saddle because of its shape, we stress it IS NOT a women's specific design. It is a similar shape and identical dimensions to the WTB Devo, just with more padding. It gives a softer ride than the Devo. Maybe we should start pronouncing it 'DAY-va.'Name aside, it's a killer cross-country saddle that has all-day written all over it. It will be comfortable for shorter digs, too, but knowing that something can go for an epic eight-hour ride and leave your posterior feeling fresh is a great mental comfort.The WTB Deva SLT saddle has a thinline profile. There is WTB's trademarked Love Channel down the middle. The padding is Superlight DNA with gel packs under the sit-bones with a nylon fiber shell. The dimensions are 145mm by265mm. The rails are titanium. Colors available are Black and White leather. 230g. - $115.50