WTB Aviator DH Race Saddle - $26.98

It's no secret that downhill riding puts a toll on all components, including saddles. WTB's Aviator DH Race Saddle is optimized for not only durability, but lightness as well. The saddle is supported by stout, 8mm alloy rails, but the shell is constructed from a durable plastic that's designed to be forgiving. This minimizes trail vibration without negatively affecting pedaling. Adding to comfort is WTB's DNA padding. DNA padding features superior memory properties, which conforms to your individual anatomy for the utmost comfort. The padding also features Comfort Zone shaping for excellent ergonomics and relief from pressure where it matters most. Covering the padding is a highly abrasion resistant ARB fabric for durability. The WTB Aviator DH Race Saddle is 137mm wide and 272mm long. This shape provides sufficient support for long days, yet it allows you to easily maneuver around the bike. - $26.98