Wright Mcgill Marabou Jig 4-Pack - $1.88

The breathing, living, pulsating, action of marabou underwater has always made this type of jig popular for walleye, bass, crappie, and most freshwater fishing. These jigs feature double-coated and chip-resistant epoxy heads. Each is hand-tied on Eagle Claw hooks. Per 4.Sizes: 1/16 oz. 1/8 oz. 1/4 oz. 3/8 oz. Colors: (003)Black, (004)Yellow(no 1/16 oz.), (007)White, (011) White/Red, (096)Chartreuse, (108)Glow Orange/Chartreuse, (109)Fluorescent Orange/Chartreuse, (121)Glow Green/Chartreuse(no 1/16 oz.), (122)Pink/White, (306)Brown/Orange(no 3/8 oz.). - $1.88