Wrangler Women's Cash Ultimate Riding Jeans - $58.00

Wrangler gave it's Women's Ultimate Riding Jeans a Cowgirl Cut, so you can throw a leg over your ride whether it's a quarter horse or an ATV and still feel comfortable. The women at Wrangler had a lot of input on the freedom-feeling fit of these jeans, which is why they were designed for the go-anywhere, do-anything spirit of the West. Cash Jeans offer a perfect rise for riding, flat seams and a vented bootcut, so you can be comfortable all day long. They sport a modern finish and style. Made of 100% cotton, 13 ounce Imported. Odd sizes: 0, 1-19. Colors: American Spirit, Blue Blitz.Inseam: 30", 32", 34", 36". - $58.00