Work Sharp Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener - Gray - $69.99

This award-winning tool is the first tool engineered to sharpen every knife you own with precision, speed and ease. Professionals use flexible abrasive belts to put a razor-sharp edge on cutting instruments and now you can take advantage of the same technology. This system works on knives of all kinds hunting knives with straight or serrated edges and gut hooks, kitchen knives, pocketknives, survival knives and fishing knives. It uses precision sharpening guides to achieve a precise and repeatable angle each and every time its used. The 25 guide is ideal for hunting knives and pocketknives. The 20 guide works extremely well on scissors, axes, lawn-mower blades and garden tools. System comes with two P80-grit, two P220-grit and two 6,000-grit abrasive belts and are specially made to last, even when working on hardened-steel edges. Compact and powerful, this system operates off any 12-volt system with a power inverter in a vehicle, boat or RV. System measures 9 x 6 x 5, comes with an instruction manual and includes a demo DVD. Made in USA. Color: Gray. Type: Sharpeners. - $69.99