Worden's Lures Mag Lip FlatFish - Chartreuse (3.5) - $6.49

Wordens Lures Mag Lip FlatFish is built tough to handle big salmon, steelhead, walleye, bass, pike and other fighting game fish. The unique lip design allows strike-enticing FlatFish action during slow trolling or retrievals. Diving depths of up to 20 ft. without the addition of extra weights or divers. Per each. Sizes: 3, 3-1/2, 4-1/2, 5. Colors: (001)Feeder, (002)Gold Double Trouble,(003)Good Ol Boy, (004)Grinch, (005)Keeper, (006)Mad Clown, (007)Pacific Watermelon,(009)Double Trouble UV, (010)Fickle Pickle UV, (011)Thumper UV, (012)Double Eagle, (013)Metallic Silver/Blue Scale, (014)Misty River, (015)Cerise Black Bill, (016)Fluorescent Red, (017)Metallic Gold/Green Pirate, (018)Metallic Silver/Blue Pirate, (019)Metallic Silver, (020)Metallic Silver/Fluorescent Stripe, (069)Cow Girl, (076)Glitter Pink, (083)Metallic Orange Pirate, (090)NFL, (100)Metallic Silver Chartreuse, (101)Fluorescent Red Black, (102)Metallic Gold Flame, (104)Metallic Perch(452)Double Chrome Red/Red Tiger, (476)Metallic Silver Black Wing (555)Keeper II. Size: 3.5. Color: Chartreuse. Type: Lures. - $6.49