Worden's Lures Hawg Nose Flatfish - $3.88

This proven, fish-catching design produces a skip-beat hunting action that drives hungry fish wild. Best when trolled or back-trolled at 1-5 mph, it consistently dives to 10-15 ft. and can reach 20 ft. under ideal conditions. Adjust the screw-eye pulling point to tune the way the lure runs through the water. Side grooves hold bait thread so you can tie a sardine fillet or other baitfish to the lures belly. Heavy-duty stainless steel hook hangers support two ultra sharp 3/0 treble hooks. Per each.Sizes: 5-1/2.Colors: (621)Double Trouble, (622)Duck Fan, (623)Fire Starter, (624)Tiger Would, (625)Keeper, (626)Mad Clown, (627)Searcher, (628)Grinch, (629)Feeder. - $3.88