Worden's Lures Flatfish Lure - Black/Orange (4 1) - $5.99

One of the most productive lures of all time, the Flatfish is at home fishing for salmon in the Pacific Northwest, chasing walleyes, lake trout, northern pike and muskies, or catching bass. On slow retrieves, the wide wobble of the Flatfish just begs to be eaten. Per each. Made in USA. Sizes: F4 1-1/2 F5 1-3/4 F6 2 F7 2-1/4 X4 2-1/2 U20 3-1/4 M2 4-1/4 5 T55 5-1/2 Colors: (002)Metallic Gold, (006)Frog, (007)Bleeding Frog, (017)Perch Scale, (021)Firetiger, (024)Pearl,(070)Metallic Silver, (071)Coho Silver/Blue Scale, (072)Black/Orange, (147)Rainbow, (341)Gold Green Pirate,(352)Orange Fluorescent, (356)Copper Crawfish,(402)Double Trouble Chartreuse Orange, (511)Fluorescent Red, (721)Spring Frog, (848)Metallic Sivler Flame, (900)UV Chartreuse Orange, (901)UV Luminescent Chartreuse, (903)UV Metallic Silver/Red, (952)Brown Trout. Size: 4 1. Color: Black/Orange. Type: Lures. - $5.99