Woolrich Hudson's Bay Point Blankets - Green (DOUBLE) - $395.99

Early fur traders who explored the vast country used the short woven lines, called points, to indicate the price to be paid by the Indians for a blanket four points, four beaver pelts and so on. Today the points indicate approximate weight and size: 4 points, about 6 lbs., is double; 6 points, about 8 lbs., is queen size; 8 points, about 10 lbs., is king size. These pure virgin wool blankets are regarded as precious heirlooms to be handed down and treasured from one generation to the next. Dry-clean only. Made in England. Available: 4 pt. - Double, 72 x 90 6 pt. - Queen, 100 x 90 8 pt. - King, 108 x 100 (White/Multi-Stripe only) Colors: White/Multi-Stripe, Scarlet, Green. Size: DOUBLE. Color: Green. Type: Blankets. - $395.99