Woodwick Wood Essence Candles - $11.24

While lit, the wooden wick creates the soothing sound of a crackling fire, and the candle fills your home with an inviting, wood-inspired fragrance. Each candles tin features custom-designed artwork and, while it burns, its lid fits beneath the vessel to serve as a base. Size: 8.5 oz.Available: Sugar Maple (not shown) Warm vanilla and soft amber complemented with warm wood notes. White Holly (not shown) Fresh-cut holly leaves with hints of spiced apple and candied pear. Aspen Pine Fresh pine, cool mountain air and hints of dewy vanilla musk. Coastal Driftwood Sandy driftwood with notes of vetiver, moss and leather. Golden Teak Warm white sage, golden amber and incense. Majestic Oak Timber wood, moss and amber with hints of hyacinth and pink peppercorn. Mountain Birch Amber, vetiver and musk enhanced with the scent of warm birch embers. Scarlet Mahogany Wood notes, tobacco blossom and musk balanced with citrus and apple. - $11.24